Conference: Health Claims 2013

Ljubljana, 13 February 2013 (Hotel MONS, Ljubljana)

We would like to invite you to attend an international conference on regulation covering health claims on foods and food supplements. We will present you the latest news and interesting developmentsin this field with the help of leading European experts.


EU comission

The event is supported by the European Commission.


One of the lecturers will be a representative of the Nutrition Unit at EFSA, where scientific evaluation of health claims is performed. 

You are invited to the international conference on the use of health claims on foods and food supplements. This is already the fourth conference where various participants from economy and national institutions meet on an annual basis. In order to give maximum encouragement to your creativity at work, the leading experts from Europe will be presenting all the novelties and developments on the subject.

Six years after the adoption of the Regulation on Health Claims, a list of permitted health claims will be made effective on 14 December 2012 whereas the use of non-authorised claims will be banned. Since the conference will actually take place at the time when food business operators will need to introduce renewed food labels in accordance with the new legislation, the register realization and inspection will be the important topics of the conference.

Who is the conference intended for

The conference is primarily intended for food business operators and national institutions. With the first, the topics will be of interest to those in development and quality departments, technologists and the designers of packaging and advertisements. This educational event will also be of interest to those who offer the products labelled with health claims to consumers, i.e retailers and pharmacies. 

This year, the EU published a list of permitted and prohibited health claims entering into force on 14 December 2012. Now it is for real since the application of health claims will be subject to close scrutiny. At the conference, the importance of these novelties to food business operators and national bodies will be discussed.

About the conference

Whereas in the transition period, many general health claims could still be used, the situation will considerably change in 2013 with Community register of permitted health claims. EFSA has only delivered a favourable opinion with regard to 20 percent of 3,000 health claims and as a result the majority of food labels with health claims will need to be changed. Food business operators have been dealing with the issues such as how to maintain the existing brands and reformulate their products, how to apply the permitted health claims, how much manoeuvring space there is when articulating health claims and how customers understand them, how to plan research to justify new health claims and what to do with the stocks of non-compliant products and packaging.

At the 2013 conference, experts in the field of health claims from four countries will be lecturing. Official language will be English, Slovene and Croatian. Slovene lectures will be simultaneously interpreted into English.

Interesting facts

Our last conference held in January 2012 in Ljubljana was attended by more than 150 persons of whom approximately one third was from abroad. It is the only conference in the region dealing with this topic. All important companies dealing with foods and food supplements were also represented.


  • Novelties in the field of health claims regulations
  • How non-compliant products will be considered by authorities
  • Further role of the European Food Safety Authority and what new health claims can be expected
  • Wordings of health claims – from professional requirements to requirements granting the consumer's understanding of it
  • Solutions for the most frequent errors occurring with the use of health claims
  • Impact of health claims on foods on consumers and their purchasing decisions
  • Scientific substantiation of new health claims
  • Inspection, procedures and sanctions
  • Changes wanted by the industry, consumers and regulators
  • Development related to nutritional profiles that will limit the use of claims only to foods with otherwise favourable nutritional composition.

The official programme will start at 10 o'clock.


  • Dr. Wolfgang Gelbmann, Nutrition Unit, European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), Italy
  • Patrick Coppens, EAS, Belgium
  • Dr. Elizabeta Mičović, Ministry of Agriculture and the Environment of the Republic of Slovenia
  • Ass. Prof, Dr. Igor Pravst, Nutrition Institute, Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • Dr. Anita Kušar, Nutrition Institute, Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • Ass. Prof. Dr. Marija Klopčič, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • Prof. dr. Jure Pohar, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • Andreja Mojškrc, Health Inspectorate of the Republic of Slovenia
  • Ružica Vazdar, Ministry of Health, Sanitary Inspection Department, Croatia



Fill out the registration form. The registration fee involves the participation at the conference, printed materials and refreshments. The participants will receive attendance certificates. Special discount is granted for early registration and to groups.

  • Early registration fee (by 14.12.2012): EUR 350
  • Regular registration fee: EUR 400

These fees do not include VAT. In the case of early registration, the payment deadline is 21.12.2012 whereas in the case of regular registration the deadline is 4.2.2013. After the receipt of your registration form, you will be sent a pro forma invoice.

The participation fee for the conference shall be paid to the current account SI56 34000-1012501108 (Sparkasse d.d., BIC KSPKSI22XXX). In the event of cancellation after 21 December 2012, the organizer will keep half of the participation fee already paid whereas after 4 February 2013 the entire registration fee will be kept by the organizer. Should you not be able to attend the conference, you can send a replacement.

The importance of timely registration

Our last conference on health claims generated a lot of interest so that we even had to refuse some registration forms. To avoid such situations and to make sure you can participate, you are kindly asked to register in due time.

Conference venue

The conference will be held in the Conference Centre of Hotel MONS**** in Ljubljana. The hotel is easy to access since it is located close to the Ljubljana motorway ring road. The conference participants will be provided with free parking. Discounted accommodation is available for attendants of the conference.

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