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Nutrition institute is a research organisation with public concession for research activity. We are ranked among organizations in the public interest in the field of nutrition. In addition to research activities, our main missions include raising public awareness about the importance of nutrition in health protection. We also offer support to all stakeholders with improving the quality of foods. We are collaborating with national and other research organisations, as well as with professional associations and the food industry.

Function of the Institute

The institute was founded in 2009 and is a non-profit research institute. It is supervised by the Council of the Institute. In order to provide the highest quality services, we have introduced the appropriate standards of quality and information management. We are certified according to the ISO9001 standard by the established international certification body Buerau Veritas.

Research group

Institute of Nutrition is mainly focused in research activity. Within the Institute, research group "Nutrition and Public Health" is active, which also runs a national research program in this field and participates in a series of different research projects. The research group is predominantly financed by the Republic of Slovenia and the European Commission. We also conduct applied research for the food industry. Approximately one third of the revenue is from applied research for the food industry.

Research group "Nutrition and Public Health"

Vision of Nutrition institute

Vision of Nutrition institute is :

  1. To support development of safe and quality food products and strengthen public health with quality research activity in the field of nutrition and public health. We strive for transparent functioning and publication of research results - to the greatest extent possible in open source publications and actively informing relevant stakeholders about the Institute's activities and research results. We strive for close cooperation with other research organizations operating in similar areas, both in Slovenia and abroad.
  2. Actively raising awareness of the population about nutrition to improve their eating habits and to mantain a healthy lifestyle. The institute will contribute to raising public awareness through various approaches, including online portal on nutrition, social networks and active collaboration with the media.
  3. To support development and production of healthier foods. By research, consulting and education, we want to support the food industry in re-formulating foods in order to achieve a healthier nutritional composition and support food business operators in consumer-friendly food labeling.


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Nutrition Institute
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IBAN: SI56 340001012501108
Bank: Sparkasse d.d.
VAT ID: SI50465856
Reg. No.: 3609081000


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+386 5 9068 870

+386 1 300 79 81


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Nutrition institute is engaged in research and education in the field of nutrition and advising the food industry in the formulation and labeling of foods. In the scope of the institute, research group Healthy Nutrition is established, which performs research on food and nutrition.