CLAS - Composition and Labelling Information System: Tools for monitoring the food supply

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The CLAS (Composition and Labelling Information System) tool was developed by the Nutrition Institute for efficient conduction of food monitoring studies and generation of branded food datasets. It is nowadays used by research and governmental organisations in different countries.

CLAS comprises a mobile application CLAS and CLAS cloud web platform:

  • The mobile application CLAS simplifies the collection of food packaging photographs in food stores. Barcodes are used to avoid duplicate records, even if the study is conducted in different stores at the same time.
  • The CLAS cloud web platform supports efficient and systematic data extraction, and data processing. Monitoring can include all types of foods, including food supplements. Collection of data is automated with the help of optical character recognition to extract text from photographs. Tailored functionalities are available for different types of data on labels, with particular emphasis on nutrient composition and ingredients, which includes food additives, vitamins and minerals, and allergens. Other functionalities enable collection of data about nutrient profiling and the use of symbols or other marketing strategies, such as nutrition and health claims or marketing aimed at children.

CLAS tools have been developed within various national and European research and infrastructure projects. Funding of the CLAS is assured until at least 2033, making this ifrastructure an excelent choice for long-term collection of data on branded foods across the worlds. Non-profit use is available for governmental agencies and research organisations. 

Acknowledgement of key programs and projects:

Project description:

The CLAS infrastructure is detaily described in: Pravst et al. 2022. Frontiers in nutrition. 2022, 8, DOI: 10.3389/fnut.2021.798576.

The Nutrition Institute started establishing the CLAS (Composition and Labelling Information System) program in 2015, for collection of data on pre-packaged foods on the market in Slovenia. A database and the CLAS - Composition and Labelling Information System application were created, which enables the collection of photographs of food labelling, their evaluation using OCR technology and the processing of food composition and labelling data. After the test period of use, the new software tool was put into regular use in 2016 and was also used for furter food data collections. The following data on prepacked foods is collected within CLAS:

  • photographs of food labelling;
  • data on the nutritional value of the foods;
  • data on ingredients, including data on the use of additives, vitamins and minerals;
  • data on allergens;
  • data on symbols, nutrition and health claims.

Contact point

Are you interested in using the CLAS infrastructure in your country? Contact us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

FNS Cloud promotional video on collection of branded food data and the CLAS tools


A selection of publications that have been created within the research project:

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